Daye Quarterly Theory (DQT)

Our DQT Tradingview indicator puts the time-based research of Daye (@traderdaye on Twitter) on your chart. Daye presented his findings, presumably studying the ICT macro times, as “Quarterly Theory” on YouTube.   This indicator is not the first, so S/O to @toodegrees, @a1tmaniac and @joshuuu for their own excellent Quarterly Theory indicators. Last but not least, huge thanks go to […]

The Displacement Order Block (DOB) TradingView Indicator

Displacement Order Blocks (DOB) Our DOB TradingView indicator shows order blocks with displacement and draws deeply from ICT’s body of teachings. DOB draws midlines for FVG, IFVG, and order blocks – if this is new to you, when you back test this indicator, notice how often these lines are precise support and resistance lines for […]