The Displacement Order Block (DOB) TradingView Indicator

Displacement Order Blocks (DOB)

Our DOB TradingView indicator shows order blocks with displacement and draws deeply from ICT’s body of teachings. DOB draws midlines for FVG, IFVG, and order blocks – if this is new to you, when you back test this indicator, notice how often these lines are precise support and resistance lines for candle bodies. For market structure, the DOB indicator follows TradingHub’s (TH) definitions which filter out inside bars. The TH model is highly programmatic allowing clear structure rules that allow us to mark inducements and count them from a Change of Character in structure.

DOB offers a lot of aesthetic flexibility, while keeping the chart uncluttered and is coded to avoid running up against Trading View’s limitations on boxes and lines.

The optional labels for various order block types:

I = inside bar. The bars that follow the order block have been ignored – the number of ignored bars appears after a hyphen.

S = standard case. The order block candle exceeds the previous candle high or low and is followed immediately after by an FVG on the next candle. This is a little different from “last down-close/last up-close” order block concept and allows order block candles to be either color, that is a bullish order block can be either down-close or up-close. This puts some added focus on the wick midpoints but in most cases is exactly the same.

T = transfer case. This is an order block that has been transferred from the pivot high or low candle to the candle just prior to the FVG.

TZ = tweezer. This is an option you can turn on/off  that bypasses the requirement for an order block to take liquidity from the previous candle (exceed previous candle high/low) in the case of equal h/ls. The result is that you will find order blocks with equal highs and lows (also known as tweezer tops/bottoms) show on your chart. Note that every tweezer is a wick on a higher timeframe.

W = wick. Wick order blocks don’t require an FVG, just a long wick. Wicks are similar to FVG’s in a way, as they are examples of displacement, a quick move and reversal.

* The asterisk denotes an extreme order block. The DOB indicator focuses your attention on the extreme order blocks with midpoint lines and boxes but leaves the non-extreme unadorned.

We day-trade and position trade with this indicator five days a week and will continue developing it along with others we have not yet published. So please follow us for updates and let us know what new features you would like to see!

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